Vacant Land Transactions

Should you be buying a block of land that the current owner has not constructed their home on as of yet or buying from a large Developer, that may not have the Certificate of Title issued on it yet, our team has experienced it all. We work with all relevant parties to ensure that all time frames are met with to allow for you to start building. Whether it is your First Home, Dream Home or Investment Property, at Heidi Hunter Settlements we treat your property like its your Conveyancer’s own property.

Looking at selling your block that you have not constructed your home on yet for some reason? Looking at subdividing the land and selling the back block? The Team at Heidi Hunter Settlements are here to help.

Land Subdivisions Perth

When it comes to property subdivision, or subdividing land, i.e. dividing a property into smaller lots that can be sold separately, you want to deal with property specialists who are experienced and knowledgeable in this area of work. At Heidi Hunter we have a number of property agents who have handled hundreds of these transactions between them, negotiating the legal and bureaucratic requirements for clients so they don’t have to.

Whether you’re planning a land subdivision, a strata subdivision, a multi-unit project, a low-rise apartment building, or need to subdivide a property in Perth, talk to us, we’ll tell you what is required, and plan and prepare the necessary documentations for you.

All property deals are different as are all our clients. When you deal with us we first determine what your purpose and goals are, for example, are you developing to sell, rent, or both, or are you planning a subdivision of your property to sell off part of it? We can then proceed, with your goals in mind and your objectives clearly defined.

With our experience in subdivision settlements, we can handle all the different facets to this complicated process, making it as simple and stress free for you as possible. Our pricing is competitive and our agents smart, efficient and friendly. We do the dirty work so you don’t have to.

Contact your subdivision specialists.